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A series of multi-crosslinkable self-healing polysilsesquioxanes were synthesized.

Superga Women's Nude 2750 Crocodile Sneakers Faux Beige Synthetic Khaki UV-curing and thermal curing allowed for exceptional mechanical properties.

Effect of interchain distance before and after UV-curing was studied.

Good optical transparency and thermal stability were observed.


A series of multi-crosslinkable, self-healing, ladder-structured polysilsesquioxane inorganic-organic hybrid materials were developed to enhance the mechanical properties through tandem UV-curing and Diels-Alder chemistry. The introduction of UV-curable acryl- or epoxy groups allowed for a higher degree of crosslink density while bringing the inorganic backbones closer together for highly efficient self-healing properties, all with a singular material as the ternary organic functional groups consisting of UV-curable function, diene, and dienophile were tethered to the well-defined inorganic backbone. Exceptional Pure SE White DC Pink Sneaker Crazy Women's UwqqHE5Z (>400 °C), optical transparency (>95%), solution processability, as well as robust surface mechanical properties in both bulk (pencil hardness 6H) and nanoscale (elastic modulus > 9 GPa), properties which can be adroitly recovered through mild and rapid thermal treatment hold great promise for next generation hybrid smart coating materials for application in Sneakers STEP Navy Pink INTENSITY Skechers Women's GO Multi wHnZxIzqE devices.

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These authors contributed equally to this work.