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This is because, in bar , foo is resolved prior to template instantiation, so the value for I isn’t known (thus, both enable_if conditions for foo fail). However, in baz , foo is resolved during template instantiation, so the value for T::number is known.

The external_source_symbol Sneaker Skull DESIGNS Trainers for Skull Casual Lace Shoes UPS 14 Cut Season FOR U Womens Canvas High Shoes nax1YwfF attribute specifies that a declaration originates from an external source and describes the nature of that source.

The fact that Clang is capable of recognizing declarations that were defined externally can be used to provide better tooling support for mixed-language projects or projects that rely on auto-generated code. For instance, an IDE that uses Clang and that supports mixed-language projects can use this attribute to provide a correct ‘jump-to-definition’ feature. For a concrete example, consider a protocol that’s defined in a Swift file:

This protocol can be used from Objective-C code by including a header file that was generated by the Swift compiler. The declarations in that header can use the external_source_symbol attribute to make Clang aware of the fact that SwiftProtocol actually originates from a Swift module:

Consequently, when ‘jump-to-definition’ is performed at a location that references SwiftProtocol , the IDE can jump to the original definition in the Swift source file rather than jumping to the Objective-C declaration in the auto-generated header file.

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The external_source_symbol attribute is a comma-separated list that includes clauses that describe the origin and the nature of the particular declaration. Those clauses can be:

Women's Fashion JSlides Anteek White Sneaker The clauses can be specified in any order. The clauses that are listed above are all optional, but the attribute has to have at least one clause.

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The attribute causes calls within the attributed function to be inlined unless it is impossible to do so, for example if the body of the callee is unavailable or if the callee has the attribute.

Use this attribute to force stack alignment.

Legacy x86 code uses 4-byte stack alignment. Newer aligned SSE instructions (like ‘movaps’) that work with the stack require operands to be 16-byte aligned. This attribute realigns the stack in the function prologue to make sure the stack can be used with SSE instructions.

Note that the x86_64 ABI forces 16-byte stack alignment at the call site. Because of this, ‘force_align_arg_pointer’ is not needed on x86_64, except in rare cases where the caller does not align the stack properly (e.g. flow jumps from i386 arch code).

Previous studies examining the etiology of CAP have provided widely differing results. Comparison is hampered by inherent epidemiologic differences in addition to lack of uniform inclusion criteria, study settings, and diagnostic methods. Despite rigorous attempts to identify a microbial etiology, 30%–64% of patients remain undiagnosed [ Signal Mens Boot PC All Black Charcoal Grey Red Taylor Coated Converse Star Leather Hi Chuck dXqS4XxO ]. Studies applying molecular methods such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) have yielded detection rates up to 86%, but highly specific patient selection criteria designed to optimize sample collection make comparisons difficult [ 13 ]. There is a dearth of population-based observational studies with high inclusion rates examining pneumonia incidence and etiology while avoiding overly selective inclusion criteria and applying modern diagnostic methods.

The aim of the present study was to prospectively investigate the frequency and etiology of CAP in a defined population, allowing for calculation of incidence, applying modern diagnostic tests, and comparing etiology with symptoms, risk factors, and outcomes.

This study took place at Landspitali University Hospital in Reykjavik Iceland (LUH). The LUH provides secondary care for the inhabitants of Reykjavik and nearby towns, comprising 63% of the national population. It also provides 90% of all intensive care in the country. Adults (≥18 years) admitted from December 1, 2008 to November 30, 2009 were screened for inclusion. Inclusion criteria were a new chest x-ray infiltrate and ≥2 additional symptoms: temperature >38.3°C or <36°C, diaphoresis, chills, new cough, chest pain, or new onset of dyspnea [ Rockport Vivianne Sapphire Heeled Slide Women's Dark Sandal qaOqBrw , 14 ]. Exclusion criteria were as follows: admission to an acute care facility during the preceding 14 days; use of immunosuppressive medications (corticosteroids equivalent to ≥10 mg prednisolone daily, methotrexate, hydroxyurea, adalimumab, infliximab, etenercept, azathioprine, mycophenolate mofetil, or cyclosporine); ongoing treatment for a malignancy; receipt of a solid organ transplant; or human immunodeficiency virus infection.

Potential participants were approached within 24 hours of admission and underwent a structured interview, and data were collected on underlying diseases, subjective symptoms, and antimicrobial use before admission. Pneumonia severity index (PSI) and CURB-65 scores were calculated [ 15 , 16 ]. Outcomes were: length of stay (LOS), admission to intensive care units (ICUs), assisted ventilation, and in-house mortality. Outcomes were obtained retrospectively from patient charts. Vital status was cross-checked with national registry data after discharge from hospital.

The study was noninterventional but included additional diagnostic sampling. Sputum and blood were obtained for culture prior to in-hospital antimicrobial treatment and urine antigen testing was performed. An oropharyngeal swab was collected for PCR analysis. Results from physician-ordered etiological diagnostic testing were also included.

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Anteek JSlides Fashion White Sneaker Women's Modern word processors, like Microsoft Word OneDrive, SharePoint, and Google Docs, allow people to work on the same document at the same time. While systems that allow simultaneous writing have been demonstrated in research labs for some time, only relatively recently have such systems been available commercially for widespread use. Google Docs, for example, enables people to be at the same place in the document while adding, deleting, and moving text at will. Google Docs is very popular (for example, there are over 60 million users of Google Apps for Education worldwide and two million businesses use Google Apps for Work) and many people see the simultaneous writing feature as a great asset.

For example, when we analyzed in detail the writing patterns of undergraduate students enrolled in an advanced university course on project management, 95% of the documents exhibited simultaneous writing. Three documents were only written simultaneously. Good Selling For Sale Free Shipping Sneakernews monroo women sexy clothes 2017 summer girls sleeveless dresses Cheap Amazing Price Original Cheap Online IGP8E4ELH5

We, the four co-authors of this article, have experienced numerous sessions where simultaneous writing created notable benefits. Given that we can work simultaneously now, how can we harness that capability to make the work more efficient? What can you do with simultaneous writing? When might you not want to write simultaneously?

To answer these questions, we collected our stories, grouped them, and noted patterns across them. Each of the stories is told with the voice of one of the authors except the last, which is co-written by all four of us because it reflects how we wrote this article. Subsequently, we note the similarities and differences among our stories, and with "plural unity" created the scheme of six patterns and two epiphenomena. We believe the stories will serve as an inspiration to readers to work in new, beneficial ways.

Google Docs is relatively new and although some of our stories refer to the use of Docs, a number of the stories involve research prototypes or early commercial systems, some going as far back as the 1980s. Before we get to the stories, we first provide brief descriptions of the characteristics of each of these systems, listed in order of creation.

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The Systems We Refer To

IDE , for Instructional Design Environment, 10 was a tool to create instructional content by helping designers organize and create materials rapidly. IDE was built on top of the Notecards hypermedia system. HUANQIU Girls White Shoes Women Leather with Letters Finishline Sale Online Free Shipping Get To Buy WGLVeiy3a4
, Buy Cheap Collections For Sale Very Cheap Mens Stanton Jeans His ovjhDNHp
IDE featured "cards" with different kinds of links between sections of text. While IDE was not originally intended as a multi-person collaborative system, people quickly realized they could partition work among a number of writers and get things done more quickly by working on different cards simultaneously. When someone was working on a card, it was locked to the others. While this is technically not the kind of simultaneous editing that other tools have, the story where this was used for parallel simultaneous editing has some valuable lessons.

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